Building's type:



2.000 coins


+ 10




+ 10 population; + 1 XP every 8 m

Build time:

2m 0s


+ 8 XP

Cottage is the simplest residential building in the game. It is also one of the basic buildings that can be built from the game's beginnig.


Every cottage generates 10 population and 1 XP every 8 minutes. It takes 2000 coins and 2 minutes to be built, and generates 8 XP when finished.

Appearance and typesEdit

Cottage is designed as a small wooden house-like building with a garden. It takes 1x1 field in the city, like all other house-like residentials. The cottage is placed in the left side of the space, which is surrounded with a fence. The door and one window are visible. The garden mainly consists of a lawn and two trees. There's also a mailbox at the garden's enterance.

There are three types of cottage, according to their color: Red Cottage, Yellow Cottage and Gray cottage. There was also a Pink Cottage, which could only be gifted.

Red CottageEdit

Red Cottage is a red-colored cottage with an orange roof. One tree is placed in front of it, and anoter on its right. There are also some flowers in its garden, which is surrounded with whitewashed fence.

Yellow cottageEdit

Yellow Cottage is a yellow-colored cottage with a biege roof. Both trees are placed on the right side of the garden, which is surrounded with whitewashed fence.

Gray CottageEdit

Gray Cottage is a gray-colored cottage with a brown roof. There are no trees in the garden, but there is a stone path from the garden's enterance. The garden is surrounded with wooden fence.

Pink CottageEdit